Smart Decision-making of Power Transactions

Promote Consumption and Share Green Power

Electricity Output Prediction System

It provides new energy power plants with daily, weekly, monthly and annual multi-dimensional prediction of output, assists power plants and energy groups with their transactions in the electricity market. It also provides customers with overhaul and maintenance plans as well as operational guidance.

Electricity Output Prediction

Assistance with Transactions in Electricity Market

Overhaul and Maintenance Plans and Operational Guidance

Full Period Prediction

Daily Output Prediction

Daily output of the next week

Weekly Output Prediction

Output of the next week

Monthly Output Prediction

Output of the next month

Annual Output Prediction

Output of the next year

Key Advantages

High-precision Power Prediction

Precisely predict the output of power generation based on a high-precision power prediction curve.

Reliable Weather Forecast Technology

Give numerical weather forecast with the mesoscale regional meteorological numerical model and revises the results by comparing different data observed.

Quality Weather Forecast Service

Provide the customers with more advanced numerical weather forecast service and power plants with more precise output prediction.

Optimal Value

Planning and Efficiency Enhancement of the Power Plant Side

Meet the requirements of scheduling assessment in some provinces; provide customers with power generation system management and safety analysis, and formulate short-term operation, maintenance and overhaul plans.

Coordination and Management of the Group Side

Formulate suitable plans for market-based transactions for energy groups and provide them with reliable data as strong support.

Coordination and Planning of the Power Grid Side

Assist power grids with formulating economical operation plans, and help them arrange electric wire overhaul and short-term maintenance of the grids.