New Energy Resource Evaluation

Advanced Meteorological Back Calculation and Big Data Processing
Strong Support for Weather Forecast Evaluation

New energy resource evaluation solution achieved long-term climate simulated data for nearly 30 years through the numerical simulation approach. It modifies simulated data and accesses available historical meteorological resource database by comparing measured data and simulated data. Moreover, it provides meteorological resource analysis and evaluation for new energy plants.

Meteorological Simulation for Nearly 30 Years

Modify Simulated Data

Available Historical Meteorological Resource Database

Evaluation System

Key Advantages

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time anemometry and photometry information display.

Resource Evaluation

Annual/monthly evaluation of wind power density degree, abnormal resource, big/medium/small wind; evaluation of annual total radiation intensity grading, stability grading, direct irradiation ratio grading.

Assisting Decision-making

Predict middle and long-term annual, quarterly, and monthly electricity output and historical theoretical power calculation on the basis of historical data.

Statistical Analysis

Statistics for data integrity, data validity, and wind/solar resource distribution. Provide power plants and regional wind/photovoltaic resource evaluation reports.

Optimal Value

Operation Performance Evaluation

Find out the reason for power rationing, overhaul and breakdown and evaluate operation level of power plants by comparing electricity output.

The Basis for Middle and Long-term Consumption

As the basic data source for prediction data, historical data provide the basis for middle-, long- and short-term prediction as well as prediction of middle- and long-term consumption by power grids.