Power Station Technical Services

Customized Solutions

With the gradual development of new energies, power station owners have still been exploring the power generation law and management methods of new energies; and the electrical power system has kept standardizing and improving the ways to deal with a large amount of power generated with new energies. It shows that the technical services of new energy power stations need to be continuously improved. SP RiXin can provide clients with one-to-one on-demand services and solutions in the technical transformation, software upgrading, application development, and hardware and software supporting facility rectification related to the security protection of new energy power stations to be connected to the grid.

Technical Transformation

Software Upgrading

Application Development

Supporting Facility Rectification

Types of Technical Services

Continuously Improve the Prediction Accuracy of Generated Output

Higher precision means that the grid has a more solid decision-making basis for the digesting and absorbing of new energies, and it also means that the owners have a better basis for judging the benefits of power generated by new energies. The services have extended from generated output prediction to generating capacity prediction, theoretical power calculation and high-precision power prediction.

Continuously Improved Intelligent Grid-connected Control Technology

In order to let new energy power stations have a better response to power grid dispatching, the new energy grid-connected control system has been gradually extended from automatic generation control (AGC) to primary frequency modulation, and automatic voltage control (AVC) has been extended from centralized power stations to distributed power stations.

New Energy Power Station Security Protection

For the digesting and absorbing of new energies, both the power grid and power stations need to do well in security protection and information communication. As there are strict security protection requirements of secondary system for power stations to be connected to the grid, power stations should develop corresponding technical supporting schemes covering hardware and software technical rectification.

The Informatization Management of New Energy Power Stations

As the operation and management of new energy power stations are developing towards informatization and digitization, power station owners need to classify power generation data for the information-based overall management, develop power generation planning and power sales planning and carry out production operation & management based on the data.