Social Responsibility

Green Development

SP RiXin sees its role as developing clean energy, thoroughly implements the development concept of clean energy, and takes "Devote to Increasing Access to Efficient and Low-cost Clean Energy" as its mission.

By the end of 2019, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation provided to new energy market by SP RiXin exceeded 100 GW, which effectively reduced carbon dioxide emissions and the use of fossil energy, and facilitated the healthy and sustainable development of new energy. It shows that SP RiXin plays an active role in response to global environmental change and makes joint efforts for the goals of the Paris Agreement.


The global average temperature rise in this century is controlled within 2 degrees Celsius


By 2030, China's non-fossil energy will account for about 20% of primary energy consumption

Public Welfare Is in Action

SP RiXin actively shoulders social responsibilities while facilitating the development of clean energy. Over the years, it has helped hundreds of leftover children and poor students in poor mountainous areas and supported their further education and living needs through donations of funds and goods. A commonly beautiful life lies in every dedication!

Funding Project of Gangcun Primary School in Daozhen County, Zunyi City

Funding Project of Lianchi Primary School in Guizhou Province

Financial Aid Project for Students with Financial Difficulties in Nanhu Town, Zhuanglang County, Gansu Province

Funding Project of Children's Hope Yunyang Home in Henan Province