Creation of Data   Rebirth of Energy

Big Data will Change Operation and Management of New Energy Power Plants

State Power Rixin Technology Co., Ltd. (SP RiXin) has accumulated rich experience in the field of data prediction after serving over 1,000 power plants over the years. With the aim to improve operation and management efficiency of new energy power plants, the company provides customers with multi-dimensional power prediction, new energy resource evaluation, energy data administration, and other systematic solutions by applying the core technologies such as big data, supercomputing and AI.

Big Data



Big Data Technology: Creating New Value for New Energy Power Plants

Apply Data

Exploit application value of energy data, and develop new energy with the power of data.

Enhance the Efficiency of Power Generation

Precise power prediction boosts the efficiency of power generation and profits.

Connect Power and Technology

Link power grids with big data, AI, cloud computing, etc., so as to ensure the safety of manufacturing and realize smart production with green power energy.

Promote Energy Consumption Efficiency

Increase the generation efficiency of new energy power plants and promote the energy consumption efficiency of renewable energy with the help of big data.

Use Big Data to Realize Market-based Transactions of Clean Power

As power consumption is becoming increasingly market-oriented, SP RiXin strives to include clean energy in the market-based transaction of power by means of big data. The company helps new energy power plants increase their sales and profits, boost new energy consumption efficiency through comprehensive market analysis, detailed volume price prediction, and accurate quote decisions, allowing everyone to share the benefit of green power.

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Detailed Volume Price Prediction

Accurate Quote Decision