Power Forecast Contributes to the Precise Power Generation

"Wind-bird" High Precision Power Forecast Solution

Based on the former power prediction, the "Wind-bird" high precision power prediction solution provides power plants with one-to-one customized solutions from four aspects, which are data quality of the power plant, numerical weather forecast, modeling algorithm and service response. It is mainly applied in the wind and photovoltaic power stations, and it formulates tailored prediction solutions for them to meet their demand in operation and management.



Precise Prediction

Survice Targets

Target One

Reduce the ratio of assessment scores of the power plant

Target Two

Increase the ranking of the power plant in the province

Customized Workflow

01Collect Data to Evaluate Effects
02Survey the Scene
03Provide Customized Improvement Plan

One-to-One High-precision Project Team

04Conduct High-precision Improvement Work
05Project Acceptance
06Regular Operation and Maintenance Services

VIP Service

One-to-one Customized Target

Development is guided by the demand to realized expected profits

One-to-one Modeling Algorithm

Optimal meteorological sources selection realizes the provision of the one-to-one modeling algorithm service

One-to-one Operation Maintenance

Power plants inspection, system upgrading, operation maintenance and training classes are all performed regularly

Key Advantages

Ensure Both Power Consumption and Profits

Promote Power Consumption Efficiency

Customization ensures higher precision of power prediction, and the plan for power grids' consumption of electricity generated by new energy plants can be formulated with enhanced accuracy.

Revenue Maximization

Use accurate prediction declaration to reduce costs on assessments of plants. Maximize the profit through rational planning for revenue and transactions.