Intelligent Grid

Interconnection Between Energy and Data

State Grid Corporation of China (State Grid) and China Southern Power Grid Company Limited (CSG) proposed to vigorously build the power Internet of Things and energy internet, do a good job in comprehensive energy services and realize the strategies for the digital economy.

Building a Data Service Platform

SP RiXin provides high-quality data services for State Grid, CSG, etc., assists clients in building intelligent grids and offers solutions to the big data application of new energy.

Build a System for New Energy Information Management
Establish a Platform for New Energy Management (Dispatching at Provincial and Prefectural Levels)
Offer Technical Solutions to New Energy Consumption
Offer Schemes of Resource Assessment and Utilization of New Energy

New Energy Data Governance
New Energy Data Screening and Analysis

New Energy Data Application

Real-time Monitoring and Early Warning

Realize the real-time monitoring of new energy operation through the collection of operating data of new energy stations (including distributed ones).

Data Governance Analysis

Optimize operating data through data governance.

Theoretical Power Calculation

Realize theoretical power calculation in combination with resource assessment.

Analysis of the Components of Lost Power

Analyze and quantify the components of abandoned power of new energy through loss statistics and loss attribution analysis.

Benchmarking Standard Preparation

Prepare benchmarking standards through the multi-dimensional statistics on abandoned power by regions (stations), power generating groups and unit manufacturers.

Assessment on Station Operation Level

Conduct a comprehensive assessment on the station operation level based on the results of comprehensive resource assessment, blocked power in and out of the station and operating state of units.

Predictable and Sensible

Based on mass new energy data, build a new energy consumption model and then evaluate the impact of dispatching and operating ways on new energy consumption, predict and perceive the trend of new energy consumption in the future.