SP Culture


Be an Expert in Clean Energy Management

Now and in the future, SP RiXin is making and will continue to make efforts in innovation and pragmatism. It will combine the development of clean energy with big data through its practical actions and technologies in a bid to develop solutions to big data application of new energy while pursuing to be an expert in clean energy management.


Devote to Increasing Access to Efficient and Low-cost Clean Energy

With the revolution of global energy, the utilization of clean energy has brought mankind closer to it. By taking on the mission, SP RiXin is actively making innovation and creation to optimize the energy structure, maximize the use of clean energy and improve the eco-environment. We are dedicated to increasing access to efficient and low-cost clean energy.


Be Virtuous and Keep Progress

We always seize the lifeblood of energy development, make ongoing innovation, promote energy transformation and development, and strive to create clean electricity for mankind.

Our Value

Bring Successes to Clients, Teamwork, Earnest, Innovation and Perseverance

SP RiXin employees in pursuit of the spirit and value of striver advocate teamwork with earnest attitude, innovative ideas, and resolute character and are committed to creating maximum for clients based on the client-centered principle.

Business Philosophy

Integrity Management, Exploration and Innovation

With a resolute commitment to its business philosophy of integrity management, exploration and innovation, SP RiXin stands firm by integrity for clients, partners, employees, teams, and society. In addition, it continuously innovates in products, technologies, services, management, business models and other aspects, strives for perfection, makes innovation a habit and creates infinite value.