Province-dispatched new energy management

Province-dispatched Energy Management System

Based on the regulation cloud platform, realize the quality control over mass new energy data, increase the ability to analyze and mine new energy data and solve problems such as inadequate access of multi-source data, low data quality and inadequate data application.


Advance New Energy Consumption

In-process Perception

Improve Data Quality


Evaluation and Decision

Key Advantages

Full Information Processing

Realize the collection and control of multi-source data and enhance the energy data quality at the provincial level.

Further Application

Strengthen data mining and analysis and provide effective support for resource utilization and operation management.

Facilitate Trade

Plan the power trading in and out of the province with data.

Lower Cost and Increase Efficiency

Customize the intelligent and automatic information management system, reduce labor cost and improve management efficiency.

Five Application Modules

Realize advanced analysis and application of new energy data and provide a basis for new energy consumption and power trading.

Module 1: Data Review and Correction
Module 2: Multi-dimensional Analysis Based on Mass Unit Information
Module 3: Wind and Light Resources Assessment
Module 4: Regional Power Prediction
Module 5: Theoretical Power Calculation and Resistance Analysis