Intelligent Operation & Maintenance   Delicacy Management  Cost Decreasing & Benefit Increasing

NEark New Energy Centralized Operation & Management Platform

The platform covers intelligent modules such as unified operation monitoring, production benchmarking, asset management, intelligent cleaning and work order management to optimize the structure, management and control of employees and increase the overall economic benefits and market competitiveness of power stations.

Accurate Monitoring

Planned Management & Control

Multidimensional Benchmarking

Closed-loop Management

Intelligent Operation

Improve the work efficiency of the personnel for operation & maintenance, reduce the overall operation & maintenance cost and optimize its use;

Raise the standard of power station operation and management, keep to delicacy management and improve the revenue from power generation.

Function Modules

  • Modules
  • Elite Version
  • Deluxe Version
  • Premier Version
  • Overview

  • Report

  • Intelligent Operation & Maintenance

  • Inventory Material

  • Daily Work

  • Power Station View

  • System Management

  • Alarm Management

  • Reminder for Cleaning

  • Intelligent Monitoring

  • Operation & Maintenance Management

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Operation Report

  • System Configuration

Key Advantages

Intelligent Operation & Maintenance

A closed-loop intelligent management system integrating early warnings of power stations, rapid work orders, fault database and power station operation & maintenance tracking is established to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of power stations.

Precise Positioning

Through multi-dimensional benchmarking, inefficient equipment is accurately positioned, and then the corresponding maintenance and elimination of defects are conducted timely, to improve the overall power generation level of power stations.

Security & Reliability

The security encryption technology is developed on the SCADA platform and runs in Linux, which makes the system and data more safe and reliable.

Multi-aspect Compatibility

It is suitable for a variety of communication protocols and can help achieve up-down compatibility; according to client management requirements, different application function modules can be customized.