Intelligent Power Station Services

Achieve Delicacy, High-efficiency and Intelligent Operation and Management

Based on the single-station demand of wind and photovoltaic power stations, SP RiXin intelligent power stations provide clients from the power generation side with system services and supporting solutions such as grid-connected control, monitoring & operation & maintenance, the centralized operation and management of power stations and integrated energy management and control.

Intelligent Monitoring

Quick Response

High-efficiency Electricity Generation

Stable Profits

Ensure the Security of Power Grids and Power Stations

The constantly-optimized grid-connected control strategies & arithmetic and accurate regulation & control help achieve the management and control of equipment information to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grids and power stations.

Improve the Electricity Generation Efficiency of Power Stations

Multidimensional bench-marking, precise positioning and delicacy management help greatly improve the overall power generation level of power stations and their economic benefits.

Improve the Intelligent Management Level of Power Stations

The intelligent control & operation & maintenance mode makes the management of power stations more labor-saving and convenient.

Solutions to Intelligent Power Stations

Provide Application Products and Solutions About Delicacy and Intelligent Operation & Management for New Energy Power Stations.