Intelligent Operation & Maintenance   Delicacy Management  Cost Decreasing & Benefit Increasing

Distributed Monitoring & Operation & Management System

Through the overall operation mode realizing the cloud-management-terminal synergy of power stations with data at its core, the system is a photovoltaic power station management platform integrating power generation data monitoring, photovoltaic resource analysis, data statistics, and intelligent operation & maintenance, which is mainly responsible for the monitoring and management of distributed power stations.

Power Generation Data Monitoring

Photovoltaic Resource Analysis

Data Statistics

Intelligent Operation & Maintenance

A Small Number of People Dispatched to Watch Over Power Stations

Improve the work efficiency of the personnel for operation & maintenance, and reduce the overall operation & maintenance cost;

Raise the standard of power station operation and management, and improve the revenue from power generation.

Application Scenarios

Industrial and Commercial Distributed Photovoltaic Power Stations

Small and Medium-sized Distributed Photovoltaic Power Stations

Photovoltaic Power Stations for Poverty Alleviation

Key Advantages

Intelligent Operation & Maintenance

Unified dispatching, process management and intelligent operation & maintenance and work order distribution; the O2O operation mode can help achieve online centralized supervision, diagnostic analysis and offline operation & maintenance services.

Unified Management

To realize the unified management of the amount of generated power, emergency reporting, equipment and others.

Centralized Monitoring

To achieve the centralized monitoring of power generation assemblies in all power stations.

High-efficiency Power Generation

To improve generating capacity based on the comparative analysis of the actual amount of power generation and the theoretical amount of power generation, and the judgment and analysis of power generation of power stations in a certain environment.