Virtual Power Plant

Connected to distributed generation, controllable load, and energy storage resources,
participate in the power market, assist in stabilizing power supply, and facilitate new energy consumption

Relying on advanced information communication technology and intelligent control technology, the virtual power plant integrates multi-type and multi-subject resources centered at power, achieving multi-energy complementation on the power supply side, flexible interaction on the load side, and providing the grid side with such ancillary services as peak regulation, frequency regulation, reserve power, etc., and the users and the market entities like distributed energy with a way to participate in power market transactions.

Peak Regulation

Frequency Regulation

Demand Response

Operation Mode

Optimal Value

Assist in Peak Regulation and Frequency Regulation for the Power Grid

The virtual power plant aggregates flexible loads to participate in grid regulation including peak regulation and frequency regulation, facilitating the stable operation of new power systems.

Promote New Energy Consumption

Partaking in the peak regulation of the power grid, the virtual power plant increases the demand for electricity during the trough period of power consumption, thus stimulating new energy consumption.

Create User Value

The virtual power plant takes part in ancillary services that bring subsidy income for connected users by contributing peak shaving resources.