Prefecture-dispatched new energy management

Prefecture-dispatched New Energy Management System

Provide support for the operational management of centralized power stations and distributed generation, guarantee the accurate and reliable basic operating data of centralized power stations and realize the full-aperture data display and analysis of distributed generation.

Centralized Power Station

Distributed Power Station

Key Advantages


Realize reasonable fitting and display of full-aperture static and real-time data of power stations and reduce costs in collection and investment.


Realize the power prediction at the municipal, district/town and single station levels, correct the load prediction results of local companies, provide a basis for provincial companies and make power-generating plans and reasonably arrange the reserve capacity.


Evaluate the impact of distributed power stations on the power distribution network, provide a basis for the reasonable access of distributed power stations to a grid, eliminate hidden dangers and guarantee the safe and sound operation of the grid.

Six Application Modules

Thoroughly conduct the effective analysis of power prediction, resource assessment, abandoned power, data quality, etc.

Module 1: Operating Data Monitoring
Module 2: Power Prediction
Module 3: Carrying Capacity Assessment
Module 4: Data Quality Analysis
Module 5: Resource Assessment
Module 6: Comprehensive Analysis