Power Forecast Contributes to the Precise Power Generation

Centralized Management
Ensure Unified Prediction and Management of New Energy Power Stations of the Group

The centralized power forecast system uses power prediction modeling in service as a fundamental tool. In combination with a regional upscaling prediction algorithm, the group center can clean, analyze, predict, and upload the data and assist the transactions of new energy power plants in a unified approach. It helps the group to realize the unattended operation of power plants, effectively formulate the corporate energy scheduling plans, and enhance the management of the group's scheduling work.

Super Short-term Online Power Forecast0-6 hours
Short-term Online Power Forecast 0-72 hours
Middle Long-term Online Power Forecast0-168 hours

Key Advantages

Enhance Management with Six Technologies

High-precision Numerical Weather Forecasting
"Region-electric field" Multi-dimensional Power Prediction
Automatic and Multi-regional Predictive Modeling Method
High-resolution Modeling Optimization Algorithm
Massive Data Storage Technology
Complete Data Processing Functions

Optimal Value

Improve Efficiency

Help the group formulate unified power generation plans, cut costs for operation and maintenance, and realize the unattended operation of the plants so as to increase their efficiency.

Real-time Interaction

Conduct the "region-electricity field" multi-dimensional prediction to ensure the real-time interaction between the results and the scheduling.

Full Consumption

By predicting and tracking new energy power generation, it estimates the unconsumed electricity of the region to assist electricity transactions and ensure the full consumption of power generated.