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Intelligent Automatic Generation Control/Automatic Voltage Control (AGC/AVC)

In order to ensure the balance between the power generation and load in new energy power stations, the intelligent optimal control system takes the power generation dispatching plan as the target value, and continuously optimizes the control algorithm to improve the control accuracy and speed, to meet the needs of the power grid and guarantee that new energy power stations and power grids operate within a safe and controllable range.

Quick Response

Accurate Control

Secure & Stable

Intelligent Control Solutions

Key Advantages

Real-time Optimization

Alleviate the peak load regulation pressure of the power grid through the real-time optimal control of the power output per unit time of power stations.

Secure & Stable

Ensure the security of the power grid and power stations based on multi-objective optimal control strategies & algorithms.

Precise Control

Highly precise control, quick response and more comprehensive security protection abilities.

Improve Economic Performance

Intelligently adjust the control strategy to improve the economic performance of power stations according to different scenarios.

Application Scenarios

Centralized Power Stations

The AGC/AVC of SP RiXin can comprehensively manage and control centralized new energy power stations and quickly calculate for high-precision distribution strategies to improve the power generation efficiency of the power stations; they can reasonably regulate and control reactive power compensation needed by specific equipment, maintain the voltage stability of power stations connected to the grid and improve the security and stability of the power grid.

Distributed Power Stations

For distributed power stations, the AGC/AVC of SP RiXin can help balance active power and reactive power in power stations and compensate for the reactive power consumed locally, to ensure that the power factors of the checkpoints of the power grid meet the requirements. For power stations "whose power generated will be first provided for users, and the excess of the power generated will go to the grid", the load changes on the power-using side can be monitored in real-time, which helps improve the economic interests of clients.

Booster Stations

Through the control model of the AVC system, the control hierarchies are divided to globally coordinate the reactive-load compensation equipment in booster stations and adjust the fast-tracking dispatch instructions of SVG equipment, to maintain voltage stability of booster stations to the maximum extent.