Intelligent Control  Quick Response  Safe Connection to the Grid

New Energy Fast-frequency Reaction System

The new energy fast-frequency reaction system of SP RiXin can coordinate and control the active power output per unit time of draught fans/inverters in the whole stations fast and accurately to realize the frequency modulation function of wind power stations / photovoltaic power stations. In addition, it can quickly respond to frequency fluctuations and reduce the effects of frequency step disturbance within the corresponding capacity range to achieve the coordination and unity of active power regulation and buy time for the overall frequency balance of the large power grid.

Quick Response

Accurate Control

Coordination & Unity

Control Process

Key Advantages

Fast Control Speed

The accurate algorithm, fast control speed and a variety of control strategies help adapt to different service environments.

Succinct and Compatible Communication Mode

There are no redundant links in the communication mode. The whole process is monitored and controlled directly and mass control and mass coordination are conducted, to achieve the fastest communication and the most accurate response.

Perfect Response to AGC

After the instructions from AGC are received, high-frequency responses are given promptly, and meanwhile, AGC is guaranteed to operate in accordance with standards.

Security Mechanism Protection

Favorable conditions for block increase and block decrease help with the alarm of abnormal conditions of security protection in power stations and the regulation and control of security protection there.

Optimal Value

Advanced Arithmetic and Optimal Coordination & Control

Advanced adaptive learning and deep learning control algorithms are adopted. When the frequency changes, the optimal coordination & control of power stations can be carried out quickly and accurately to improve the security and reliability of the power grid.

1+3 Platform Deployment, Flexible and Convenient Data Processing

The SCADA basic data platform can process a large number of data online quickly, supporting the millisecond-level control and operation of the fast-frequency response system. It can also integrate AGC, AVC and fast-frequency response system and make them compatible with each other on one platform, so that the application of the internal data becomes more flexible, providing convenience for the application of scenarios in different power stations.

Maximize Economic Benefits Through Customization

Service schemes are made based on the diversified needs of clients and the running condition of power stations to ensure the security of the power grid and maximize the economic benefits of power stations.